Tips And Tricks To Make The Atmosphere At Home Becomes More Comfortable And Healthy

That clean house is very important to achieve a pleasant atmosphere. The solution is not to “cover up” the odor with chemical air freshener, you have to clean and update the air in the room.

Ventilated every day With 10 minutes is enough to aerate the house. If you can make better cross ventilation.

Home-made tricks like floor cleaning with hot water and lemon make your home smell better. In order for the natural air freshener scent to be distributed throughout the house, place it near the window: the current will surround it.
First impression

It is nice to notice the fresh and refined aroma when entering the house.

No place stink, where you can not see, a container with vinegar: it will absorb the foul smell of the receiver.

Natural Do not use chemical air fresheners; They are unhealthy and, if they are plugged in, they emit energy. Choose a natural and fresh scent-lavender, pine-that does not compact.
Flowers in the rooms

This is one of the most effective and decorative ways to enjoy a pleasant smell. Choose fragrant flowers such as daffodils, roses, jasmine or kacapiring.

With dried flowers Make a center with potpourri and give a few drops of essence when you realize that their scent is gone.

Textiles absorb odors. Sprinkle baking soda on the carpet and leave all night before vacuuming. Wash the curtains frequently and hang slightly damp so they emit a fabric softener smell.

With steam, go faster Use a steam rod to remove wrinkles and, incidentally, the bad odor of the curtain without having to take it.
No smell of food

Decorate the kitchen with an aromatic pot (thyme, basil …). Touch them from time to time as you cook to spread their scent.

If you are going to fry, place an apple slice or lemon rind in the oil and remove it when it becomes black. Scrub the pot as you finish cooking.

A good trick to when you cook food with lots of odors is to boil water with vinegar in a pan and add orange peel. It is also effective for preparing coffee: the aroma is stronger than any other aroma.

Versatile lemon The skin, in a bowl with hot water, removes odors from the oven and microwave.

Refrigerators Clean every three months with a cloth soaked in vinegar and will not have an unpleasant odor. When you smell the food, leave a piece of orange in half or a bowl of baking soda in it.

Dishwasher Rinse dishes thoroughly before placing them. When you see an unpleasant odor, do a vacuum washing with vinegar and a little bicarbonate.
Essential oils, benefits and aromas

1. Lavender It has a soothing properties and also improves sleep. That’s why it is advisable to daub it on the bedside table and spray the pillow before going to bed.

2. Lime or lemon They are citrus fruits that purify the air, lift the mood and give the joy. Therefore, they are recommended for times of apathy and despair.

3. Mint A refreshing aroma helps you breathe and improve memory. Use your oil in the work area or when you want to concentrate.

4. Patchouli Gives energy to body and mind. Relieves stress and tension. The aroma, a bit special, does not like everyone.

5. Rosemary Essential oil is effective for treating fatigue and mental fatigue. Wild and fresh odor is indicated throughout the house.
The smell of sleep is better

Ventilate the room in the morning, at least 10 minutes, and air mattress every day.

With your perfume A few drops on the pillow will help you rest better. You can also place it in a lamp lamp: when you turn it on the heat it will prolong it.

Smell of freshness Place a cloth soaked in a fabric softener in a container in a hidden corner of the bedroom. You can also impregnate cotton balls in essential oils, vanilla extracts …
The cupboard was smelly

Do not keep clothes without washing or ventilation as they leave their smell in the closet and the preferred ones from moths.

Lavender flower, inside the bag, is the best choice in cabinets and drawers: with a pleasant aroma, they are an effective antipolillas.

Put soap bars between white clothes. Inside the packaging, they do not contaminate and give a pleasant aroma. In the drawer you can also put the stones or fragrant wood they sell in the bag.

With apples Dry your skin in the sun and place it in a bag in a cupboard accompanied by a cinnamon trunk.

With aromatic Lavender, thyme, rosemary, mint … Any aromatic twig in the cupboard will make it smell nice.

For shoes avoid the aroma with a little baking. Sprinkle the inside with him and let him act a few days before shaking him.

Keep it dry and very clean in the box with an anti-moisture pouch that comes into the box when you buy it.
Shower without steam