The Main Function of Rubber Gloves For Users

Health professionals frequently note the use of rubber gloves to fulfill their obligations to treat patients requiring small and large surgical procedures. Also in the gardener you can find them in the housewife’s work in the garden and cleaning the house. It is, by its name, elastic rubber, but the type of rubber varies according to the user of the glove.

rubber gloves for cleaning

Especially for latex gloves used by medical personnel, disposable latex is generally used. Of course, its main function is to maintain the sterility of medical procedures and the use of medical equipment to prevent infections by germs, viruses and bacteria. Even in case of infection of a patient under treatment, the transmission can be suppressed. There are many types of rubber gloves with naturally different characteristics.

Functions of rubber gloves

Latex or rubber gloves are intended for the safety of the work performed. Unlike other types of gloves that can be used to beautify the look or protect the skin from sun exposure. Of course, the material is made of a material that is not rubber, it can be made of fabric, thread or leather. In general, rubber gloves fulfill several functions and their nature is to protect the user. Features include:

1. Protect your hands from dirt
Dirt can be found in contact with objects or materials that are sensitive to stains and dirt. For example, if you work in the garden with the soil material, it is recommended to use gloves of this type so that the hands are not contaminated by wet or wet soil and that the direct contact with the germs and bacteria is avoided. The reason is not the possibility that we have contaminated dirt with germs. Without gloves, they are susceptible to infection by germs or bacterial diseases.

2. Ensure the protection of chemicals
There are times when the products or materials we touch contain chemicals that, in contact with the skin, will have less effect. Inadvertently, even chemicals cause their reactions, which could be harmful in the long run. It is good to use rubber gloves to avoid any possible contact with these chemicals. Not necessarily in the laboratory, but also in disinfection when cleaning the house.

3. Avoid injured hands with sharp objects
The rubber has a soft or elastic texture, so it feels weak, but offers limitless protection. Lightweight rubber material that, in use, is also used to effectively protect the palm against sharp objects. Sharp objects make rubber penetration difficult and damage the skin of the palm. Even if you can, he pulls out the glove so that the risk of injury and bleeding in the hand is low. In this way, the gloves can be used as a pillar.

4. Protected against the risk of electric shock
The rubber also appears to contain an insulating material that does not let current flow, which effectively protects it against electric shock. This condition is likely to occur not only in workers who often use electricity. But also for those of us who have subconsciously gardened behind the house and found the cable broken and still contain electricity. The use of rubber gloves is the best way to feel comfortable with every job.

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