Tips Beautify The Room For Small Children’s Room

If your child’s room is small, keep in mind that sometimes less is more. Too much furniture in a small space can be very impractical and narrowly narrowed. Plus, if your baby is a little bigger, the playroom on the floor becomes very important!

Here are some practical tips to help you make the most of your little space.

1. Plan high, not wide
Use the height of the room by buying furniture that is rather tall than wide. The one-door, narrow, high-end wardrobe is here, preferably all over the shelf. Stabilize the cabinet by cluttering the back with an angle to the wall.
If you want a clothes rail in the closet, you can also attach it to the bottom of the closet as long as your baby has a small size of clothing. It allows you easier access to everyday clothes.

The bottom of the cabinet has room for storage boxes (diapers, wet wipes) or diaper bags when not in use.

Very practical also the possibility to store something on top of the cabinet, if there is still enough room to the ceiling.

2. Multifunctional furniture for baby’s room
Multifunctional furniture can save space and money. For example, a baby closet with drawers or shelves or a high-backed dressing table to keep a plastic box underneath. Also very practical is a bench or bench with storage space under the seat, where you can, for example, Can accommodate toys.

If you prefer to swing your baby upright, but do not have enough space for the changing table, there is also a cot with a boss that can be mounted. You can also remove it and use it separately later when your child turns into a baby crib.

If your baby is still very small, you may want to consider whether you do not want to use a shared sleeping bed, also called an extra bed, which you can attach directly to the side of your bed. It can be very helpful if you have a baby next to you during the first six months of your life at night, as it will make it easier to breastfeed. Some parents use a bed for a year or more. Some models have baskets or shelves at the bottom, so you can still use this space.

Of course, this will give you plenty of extra space in the nursery, which you can use for clothes, toys, or other baby gear until your child needs his room to sleep. Some extra beds can be converted into a playground or bench, which can continue to be used for a long time after your baby “outperforms” the bed.
If you buy “growing” cots, you save a lot of money, even if the first purchase is more expensive. But then you can fold the sides of the bed and fix it, reaching the size of the cot. This will also save the storage space for the basket or Anstellbett which is no longer needed.

3. Use the wall
Changing tables is a very clever invention. You may have seen some in restaurant toilets or motorway service areas. The changing table is set against the wall and also includes a small shelf, where winding equipment can be stored. For use, the shelf is simply folded down. At home, the installation in the bathroom offers, because it almost does not require space and the bathroom is usually the warmest room in the apartment.

Use the wall to install as many shelves as possible. Your child certainly does not need a whole bookcase, but the available storage space can be used as storage space for toys or beds.

Very practical and cheap is a net that is divided again. Depending on the length, they are attached to the curtain rod, hooks, window handle or box door using Velcro fasteners.

There is also a special door hook that is hung on the top door frame and so forth. Hanging nets gives space. Washing bags, diapers, toys – there are always things you use often, but do not want to lie down freely.

4. Furniture that can be folded
Folding furniture can be ideally pushed under the bed or into the space between the wall and the bed box or the floor and the bed box. In any case, you can, if you do not need it, fold it together and store it in the smallest space.

Baby cribs take up less space and can easily be folded when you do not need them. Cot travel is available in many choices, in all sizes and price ranges. Create an overview on various furniture stores or on the Internet.

Also offered a folded basket, which can be used as a playpen at the same time. There is usually a carrying case, and some even have wheels that allow them to roll comfortably from one room to another.

5. Creative ideas for storage
If you use a baby changing table that can be attached to your bed, hanging up a multi-compartment fabric bag has proven to be very useful. You can keep all the equipment and toys that change in it. You can attach the bag to the side of the bed. It’s easy if you do not want to lose your baby during the wrapping process.

The vacuum storage systems are still relatively new, but they create space. Everything stored in the airtight package can not be sprinkled, but it takes up less space than if you put it in a bag or even a box. The ideal solution for toys, clothes, or luxurious blankets.

6. Space creation ideas for baby’s room
The corners are often not used in the room, but are ideal for corner shelves, boxes or hanging nets. The corner table takes up less space and your baby’s feet will be facing you as you wrap, which you might find far more comfortable.

The color of the curtains can visually enlarge the room, suitable for this is a soft pastel color. If you prefer a bold color, then choose a quiet base color with a stronger color pattern. If the room is a bit low, you can increase the height of the perceived room with vertical lines (vertical) on at least one wall.

With a mirror you can perfectly create space. When you place it in a window, they reflect light and make the room brighter. If the mirror also has a special frame, perhaps with ornaments on it and it still shines, it becomes an absolute eye catcher. Since the mirror is usually very heavy, it is recommended to install it very securely. That means with a pen and a screw.

7. Open to alternatives
If you do not have enough space in the nursery, improvise a bit. Many mothers put up a changing table in the bathroom or change mats. You can put it anywhere, even on the floor, which has the advantage that your baby can not fall and hurt himself. It’s easy to stow.

Not all children’s high chairs require a lot of space. There is a narrower, cheaper high chair with adjustable arms, back, legs and headrests. When buying, however, pay attention to quality and thus security to your child.

If you do not want to drag furniture, grab a textile cabinet. They are very light and easy to set up. Because they are slightly skewed because of its low weight, it is advisable to attach the screws to the wall.